Won't Boot Issues Ignored

I can’t use this program because it won’t boot. I reported this to the github issues board and that was a month ago and there has been no response. The github issue board is clogged with similar “it won’t boot” issues that are all unresolved.

Did you guys just give up on supporting Windows 10, or did you choose to just ignore this particular issue.

Your program looks interesting but, your support sucks.


Sorry to hear you were having trouble. Is this the GitHub issue you opened? https://github.com/sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi/issues/2512

There are a lot of issues on GitHub, but we do care about them all! Sonic Pi gets used in a lot of schools (where Windows support is definitely important) and we don’t want teachers to have to figure out installation issues alone - that’s why we encourage people to open issues in GitHub directly from the error screen.

That said, we would normally aim to get to an issue sooner than 30 days but everyone involved has been busy working on a new beta release which just went out yesterday. It’s likely that we would have swept up some of the issues soon but I’m still sorry you were left waiting.

Moving onto the issue, I’ll reply on that GitHub thread too but it looks like

SC_PortAudioDriver: PortAudio failed at Pa_OpenStream with error: 'Unanticipated host error'
could not initialize audio.

is the problem. Sonic Pi uses the SuperCollider project for synthesis. SuperCollider on Windows relies on PortAudio. There’s a (long) GitHub issue here about it https://github.com/supercollider/supercollider/issues/3976 but it looks like they got it working eventually by updating their version of ASIO4ALL https://github.com/supercollider/supercollider/issues/3976#issuecomment-413060893

Let’s move the technical discussion to the GitHub issue if possible. I’ll track it from there.


Hi, @JonJonz,

as @xavierriley correctly points out, supporting an Open Source project where we essentially have no budget to pay for support staff like a standard company does is very hard.

We’re essentially a group of volunteers who help out in our spare time. The only exception is possibly myself who gets around 50% of my income from Patreon support, but most of that time goes towards continued development.

We’re about to release a new version of Sonic Pi which includes the latest SuperCollider release so that might possibly fix things for you. Patreons can grab a beta over here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/sonic-pi-v3-3-2-43441419 The final version will be released to be freely downloaded likely towards the end of this month (if not sooner depending on how many issues are found and how long they take to fix).

I do hope that we can get things working for you and thank-you for your patience.

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I do not agree with you. Maybe search into this forum. I use sonic pi on about 20 computers only one fails to boot cause of the motherboard audio card. May I suggest you to invest into an external audio interface.
If you stay with us on this forum, you will find some help and a good spirit that doesn’t suck at all :slight_smile:. See you soon


I’ve found the support to be fine, and got good suggestions back very quickly.

Supporting any software on Windows is always a problem because of the wide variation in hardware. I’d also suggest trying a different soundcard. I had a problem on one PC, and use a £5 usb adaptor with that which works well. You don’t always need an expensive external audio interface, unless you want the specific features they offer.