Sonic-Pi 3.3.1 not booting on Windows 10

I downloaded Sonic-Pi 3.3.1. When I try to run it on my computer I get this error message Sonic-pi Boot error

What can I do to get Sonic-Pi 3.3.1 to run on my computer?

Hello @Gasar,

If you look carefully at that little error window, it recommends sending the provided error report to us on GitHub. The issue tracker there is our preferred place to manage such things, so that everything is tracked on a single website :slightly_smiling_face:

The first step I would suggest is to have a brief look through the error report in the window in your screenshot, for suspicious looking error messages. (The most useful of these are usually in either scsynth.log, server-errors.log, or server-output.log). I would then head over to Issues · sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi · GitHub and have a search for issues tagged with a ‘Windows’ label. In one of these, it might be possible that someone has already shared logs that contain the same specific error messages as yours (ie, more specific than just ‘Critical error! Could not boot Sonic Pi Server’).

If you can’t see any issues on the GitHub page that have similar error messages to yours, and that have possible solutions, then you could go ahead and raise a new ticket for us there, and share the error report from the window in the above screenshot. We might be able to suggest further help at that point.


os : ???
speakers or headphones : wired or wireless
Audio card : internal or external ? If external which model ?
Rate of this audio card : ???