Boot Error Message

Hi there:

After some time…
I intend to use the new version of
Sonic Pi (v.4.03).However i’ve been
unable to run it; i get the following message :


“Apologies, a critical error occurred during startup:
GUI was unable to connect to the Ruby server”.

"Sonic Pi Boot Error Report

System Information

Sonic Pi version: 4.0.3
OS: Windows 10 Version 1909


If anyone knows how i can solve it…
Or perhaps i’ll wait for an update.

Thanks anyway.

Hi @GWB70,

sorry you’re having issues. Please could you report your problem over on GitHub here: Issues · sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi · GitHub and include the full copies of all the log files found in the .sonic-pi\log directory which can be found in your home directory.

Hopefully we can work out the problem and get things resolved for you over there.

To Sam Aaron:

Hi there, i already posted my issue at :
“Issues · sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi · GitHub”
as was requested by you. Logs were attached
in a zip file. Here is the link:

Best :

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Thanks so much, let’s continue the conversation over there…

Hi Sam :

It seems that has a “work around”…

Yes, am using firewall in :

  • Domain Network
  • Private Network
  • Public network

I just clicked w/ right button on SPI Icon,
and choosed : “Solve Compatibility Issues”.
Apparently I have to do this every time,
to run Sonic Pi,but it’s a minor issue.