Problem with boot up

hi i’m new to sonic pi and during boot up i keep encountering the same problem. can someone please help?

Sonic Pi Boot Error Report


System Information

  • Sonic Pi version: 3.2.1

  • OS: Windows 10 Version 1709



[GUI] - Welcome to the Sonic Pi GUI

[GUI] - ===========================

[GUI] -

[GUI] - {becefed0-20da-4168-9bf1-55f137208bb3}

[GUI] - Discovering port numbers...

[GUI] - Port entry server-listen-to-gui : 51265 : 51265

[GUI] - Port entry gui-send-to-server : 51265 : 51265

[GUI] - Port entry gui-listen-to-server : 51271 : 51271

[GUI] - Port entry server-send-to-gui : 51271 : 51271

[GUI] - Port entry scsynth : 51272 : 51272

[GUI] - Port entry scsynth-send : 51272 : 51272

[GUI] - Port entry osc-midi-out : 51273 : 51273

[GUI] - Port entry osc-midi-in : 51274 : 51274

[GUI] - Port entry server-osc-cues : 51275 : 51275

[GUI] - Port entry erlang-router : 51276 : 51276

[GUI] - Port entry websocket : 51277 : 51277

[GUI] - Detecting port numbers...

[GUI] - GUI listen to server port 51271

[GUI] - port: 51271 [OK]

[GUI] - Server listen to gui port 51265

[GUI] - port: 51265 [OK]

[GUI] - Server incoming OSC cues port 51275

[GUI] - port: 51275 [OK]

[GUI] - Scsynth port 51272

[GUI] - port: 51272 [OK]

[GUI] - Server send to GUI port 51271

[GUI] - port: 51271 [OK]

[GUI] - GUI send to server port 51265

[GUI] - port: 51265 [OK]

[GUI] - Scsynth send port 51272

[GUI] - port: 51272 [OK]

[GUI] - Erlang router port 51276

[GUI] - port: 51276 [OK]

[GUI] - OSC MIDI out port 51273

[GUI] - port: 51273 [OK]

[GUI] - OSC MIDI in port 51274

[GUI] - port: 51274 [OK]

[GUI] - Websocket port 51277

[GUI] - port: 51277 [OK]

[GUI] - All ports OK

[GUI] - launching Sonic Pi Runtime Server:

[GUI] - Ruby server pid registered: 1272

[GUI] - hiding main window

[GUI] - initialising toolbar icons

[GUI] - setting up window structure

[GUI] - restoring scope states

[GUI] - creating status bar

[GUI] - creating info panel

[GUI] - creating shortcuts

[GUI] - creating tool bar

[GUI] - initialising documentation window

[GUI] - wait for sync

[GUI] - waiting for Sonic Pi Server to boot...

[GUI] - starting UDP OSC Server on port 51271...

[GUI] - UDP OSC Server ready and listening


[GUI] - Critical error! Could not boot Sonic Pi Server.

[GUI] - stopping UDP OSC Server...

[GUI] - Critical Error. Unable to connect to server..

[GUI] - UDP OSC Server no longer listening

Server Errors


Server Output


Sonic Pi server booting...

This is version 3.2.0 running on Ruby 2.7.0.

The time is 2020-04-06 13:23:53 +0100

Using primary protocol: udp

Detecting port numbers...

Listen port: 51265

- OK

Scsynth port: 51272

- OK

Scsynth send port: 51272

- OK

OSC cues port: 51275

- OK

Erlang port: 51276

- OK

OSC MIDI out port: 51273

- OK

OSC MIDI in port: 51274

- OK

Websocket port: 51277

- OK

Opening UDP Server to listen to GUI on port: 51265

Scsynth Output


Process Log


Clearing pids: ["10080"]

Clearing [10080]

-- command 'C:/Users/Callum/Documents/SonicPiPortable/App/Sonic Pi/app/server/native/osmid/m2o.exe' -t /midi:$n:$i:$c/$m -b -o 51268 -m 6 'Sonic Pi'

-- removing C:/Users/Callum/AppData/Local/Temp/SonicPiPortableTemp/sonic-pi-pids/10080

-- force killing 10080

-- killed 10080

Finished clearing pids

Started [1272] [-] "C:\Users\Callum\Documents\SonicPiPortable\App\Sonic Pi\app\gui\qt\build\release\..\..\..\..\..\app\server\native\ruby\bin\ruby.exe" --enable-frozen-string-literal -E utf-8 "C:\Users\Callum\Documents\SonicPiPortable\App\Sonic Pi\app\gui\qt\build\release\..\..\..\..\..\app\server\ruby\bin\sonic-pi-server.rb" -u 51265 51271 51272 51272 51275 51276 51273 51274 51277 [-] C:/Users/Callum/AppData/Local/Temp/SonicPiPortableTemp/sonic-pi-pids/1272

edit: i installed the windows variant and got this instead
p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

Sonic Pi Boot Error Report


System Information

  • Sonic Pi version: 3.2.2

  • OS: Windows 10 Version 1709



Apologies - but your logs look fine and it’s therefore not at all clear what might be going wrong on your system.

Would it be possible to try the MSI installer and see if you’re still seeing the same issue?

sorry im quite new to this how would i use MSI? do you mean the other variant? (sorry im not very smart)

Hey @Spitfire,
Sam is referring to the non-portable version.

download this file (it’s the msi MicroSoft Installer format)
see you

i installed it and this happened

p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

Sonic Pi Boot Error Report


System Information

  • Sonic Pi version: 3.2.2

  • OS: Windows 10 Version 1709



p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }

Sonic Pi Boot Error Report


System Information

  • Sonic Pi version: 3.2.2

  • OS: Windows 10 Version 1709



well i really don’t know if it can be the cause but you need to update your windows 10 system. Windows 10 Version 1709 is pretty old now…

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I would get boot failure every time I started the sonic-pi 3.2.1 but it was because my virus protection program needed to verify that I wanted to allow sonic-pi to use my audio connections… so by turning off the virus protection Kaspersky thing… off just exiting the program It would start … then yesterday… I forgot to turn it off… and yep up came… the allow program to use audio connection… I allowed it and clicked as usual always allow… — the program did have the boot error but right after crashing , I started sonic-pi again and it started fine even with the Kaspersky running… , then today , get this there was no problem at all one click start and run no problem virus protection on… it is that I had already posted to the Kaspersky site forum about the problem and then I had to say there was now no problem… — IDK if this helps any but , just a side note about the boot errors I had. :slight_smile:

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Nlb, my computer is pretty old (acer) and according to the settings is up to date

Hi Spitfire,

I also run Windows 10. Mine is the X-64 Pro version.

The current up to date install for Win 10 is release 1903, which
on my PC states: OS Build: 18362.657

Trust me… (I’m an NHS hardware techie on a 4000+ PC network)
1709 is old.


All the system settings are saying that it’s up to date

Yup, Windows can be very misleading like that.

Windows update is quite fragile and can be easily
broken by corrupted registry settings and other problems.

If you google ‘win 10 standalone update’ you will see lots of
info on downloading updates. Basically though:

Once you’ve done a manual update, it may well fix itself,
and automatically pick up the others…

Hope this helps.


This doesn’t appear to be complete - is this everything you see or did somehow it not make it all into the forums?

Also, could you check ~/.sonic-pi/log for any other files and if they are there please could you share their contents here too.

Currently there’s not enough information to say what may or may not be happening with your system…

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