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Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

[P] Hangout

A place for Patreons Supporters to meet each other, share ideas and thoughts.

[P] Patreon Support

A place for Patreon Supporters to ask questions about Sonic Pi

[P] Feature Requests

A place for Patreon Supporters to discuss feature requests.

[P] Development

A place for Patreon Supporters to discuss issues related to development.

Introductions & Stories

Hello there! We love hearing from you!


This is the category for general Sonic Pi chit chat, for introductions and sharing your stories with our like-minded community. Discussion not fitting into other more specific categories probably belongs here, but we do appreciate your keeping contributions close to the topic of Sonic Pi.

Support, Help & Resources

This category is for questions and resource sharing related to Sonic Pi as it is. Discussions concerning technical or usabilty issues belong here.


This category is for those of you using or planning on using Sonic Pi for education.

Creations & Ideas

A category for you to share your ideas and creations with the community. For example:

Events, Workshops & Lessons

Share the experience of your Sonic Pi lesson/workshop/event.

Performances, Streams & Live Coding

A place to share links to recordings, code, images, etc. of your Sonic Pi performances and streams (which may or may not be live coded).