Sonic Pi 3.1.0 not working anymore after Windows 10 Spring Creators Update


Sonic Pi was running very smoothly on the laptop, until Windows 10 got the recent Spring Creators Update.

At launch of Sonic Pi it ends showing the introduction image.

In the gui.log there is the message: [GUI] - Critical error! Could not boot Sonic Pi Server.

And in the scsynth.log is the message: SC_PortAudioDriver: PortAudio failed at Pa_OpenStream with error: ‘Unanticipated host error’
could not initialize audio.

The question is: what needs to be done to make Windows 10 and Sonic Pi a working combination again?

Thanks in advance for your advice, Ruber.


I seem to have a similar problem in my school. Sonic Pi working fine on Windows 7 machines, Windows 10 PCs hang on the splash screen.

Sorry you’re having issues.

Unfortunately I am currently spending all my time trying to find enough resources to continue developing and fixing sonic Pi and as a consequence currently have little time and energy to look into issues like this.

It looks like the SuperCollider audio engine is having issues connecting with the windows audio system. My first suggestion is to download the latest version of SuperCollider and to see if you can boot the audio server there and make a sound. If you can, then it should be possible to fix Sonic Pi relatively easily. If not, then it would be worthwhile to raise the issue with their development team directly and see if they can help address the issue.

If only I had more resources. I would be less likely to be so burned out right now and also potentially be able to pay someone to look into this. I can only dream…

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I very much appreciate your amazing work, Sam. Sonic Pi has brought me (and my students) great pleasure. (This is only a minor issue for me as the pupil PCs all work fine.)

If you do have a spare moment, it would be super useful if you could try and get vanilla SuperCollider working on the machine you’re having issues with. I really would love to try and get more info about this issue :slight_smile: