Windows 10 + Sonic Pi

Is Sonic Pi running on Windows 10 yet? I last tried to install it a few months ago but it wouldn’t launch. I think it was a supercollider issue and a fix was in the works?

Hi @Paul,

Sonic Pi definitely works on many systems running Windows 10, my own PC included.
If you’re referring to the issue described at the top of - ‘Unanticipated host error’ - then yes, an issue matching this error this has been fixed in Supercollider :+1:
It is now a matter of Sam having enough resources to transfer this fix into Sonic Pi :slight_smile:

Hi Ethan, thanks for the update. Good to know that SP does work on many Windows 10 machines.

Yes the issue I’m having is the one at the top of that github page. Great it’s been fixed in SC. I’ll just wait patiently until Sam has had time to implement a fix in SP :grinning:

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Paul, would it be possible to install the latest SuperCollider and see if you can boot the server? It would be great to get some validation that the fixes will work for you too.

Hi Sam, I will try that in the morning and let you know how it goes

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I run SP on Windows 10 pretty much without a hitch. The only snag is it sometimes gets its wires crossed with choosing audio outputs, esp if I’ve been running my bluetooth speaker before launching it.

However, other than that, I’ve had no problems with Win10.

I’ve run 3.1 on 10 since it came out, with nary a snag.