New install windows 10/ where is the troubleshooting section?

I just installed on windows 10… I start the program and get a splash screen…when I click it disappears and I see nothing. any ideas?

Hi Jon
Sorry to hear you are having problems.
If you try starting again then (if there is a problem) after quite a wait you will eventually get a popup window asking you to post logs to the Sonic Pi github site. The logs are contained in the hidden directory .sonic-pi generated in the users home directory.
If you look at the github site at you will see examples where other users have posted details of their issues.

I have the same issue and I think it is to do with the audio driver your computer is trying to use. My version will start when I use the PC soundcard but not when I try and run it through ASIO4ALL and my audio device (Roland Rubix 22).