Windows installation troubleshoot

Hi all
I just started teaching in Sonic Pi. One pupil couldn’t install Sonic Pi on Windows from
We tried to repair, uninstall, reboot and install again without luck.
Forgot to note which windows version he had and didnt see any error since he was quite fast to click. I think it was 10/11.

Any tips?

After searching this forum I might try an older version?
(Release Version 3.1.0 - 'Sauna' · sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi · GitHub)
Version 3.1

Kind regards

Ps. have installed 4 other windows computers without trouble.


Maybe a card audio configuration. Check the rate 44000 khz or something like that. Check the default audio device. And if Windows allows some software access scynth etc.
Note that this is only some ideas :roll_eyes:
Good luck

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While I had no problem with the installation, I was getting an intermittent Sonic Pi boot error that got to a point where only a reinstall of Windows 10 would fix it…for a while. I had to give up Sonic Pi until I started having audio interface problems and I discovered that Realtek on my Asus laptop was the cuprit. I uninstalled the Realtek drivers and let Win 10 use only the Microsoft audio drivers and Sonic-Pi worked again, And has stayed working since.

See if you have Realtek audio on the problem PC. That could be the issue

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