Change Repair or Remove installation - What to do?


I am a music teacher who is having my students try to download Sonic Pi while we are learning from home. I have one student who has encountered an error after downloading it and trying to install it. They said they’ve tried to hit repair but when it is finished, it closes down and does not open again.
Screenshot 2020-04-01 13.13.40

Can anyone give me some insight into this error and what to do? It is running windows, although I don’t know all the specs at this point.

Thank you (I may have lots more questions as I navigate helping kids install this remotely!)

well what version do you want to install ? Was there a previous spi version installed on the computer ?

Sounds like there might be an issue with running Sonic Pi on their machine - which is probably unrelated to the install process in your image.

Would it be possible to get your student to send a copy of the log files in ~/.sonic-pi/logs?

There would not have been a previous version installed on the computer. It would be what ever the current version available to download for windows on the Sonic Pi website. She said she tried to install it and got this message then uninstalled it and tried again. I watched a screenshare in a google hangout and saw it happen in real time.

UPDATE: Her father was able to get it working. Not sure what he did but it works. Gonna try to find out but just happy that issue is resolved. So far the best part of teaching remotely is sitting down in the evening and listening to the Sonic Pi projects the kids have been working on!