No gui after splash screen

Hi! I’m trying to run sonic-pi on my handy little Thinkpad x230 running arch linux. I’m installing it via the community package.
I can start it and the splash screen will show up. I don’t get to the editor though. It just disappears after a while and nothing happens. The application continues to be running in the background. How can I debug this? Are there any log files that might be helpful? Thanks in advance!

Usually that means it couldn’t start properly. Eventually, a small window should show up with the location of the log file and you can click on “details” to see what’s in it.

Good idea to look at the log files as @rpsjab is suggesting. If you don’t get a GUI message you can have a look at ~/.sonic-pi/log.

Another thing: Do you have Jack running before you start Sonic Pi? This will definitely be necessary.

Thanks for the advice! I fixed it in the meantime; I had to manually suspend pulseaudio because it doesn’t play well with jack. I found this information in the SuperCollider wiki or something alike. The command I’m using is:
pasuspender -- jackd -rd alsa

Maybe somebody else will find this helpful!