Version 3 for Linux?

Hi! I just wondered when V3 would be made available for Linux. I’ve just installed on Peppermint OS and I seem to only have v2.9… Thanks!


I am pretty sure that it’ll take a while until you can install version 3 as a precompiled package.

Meanwhile have a look at these postings from the Google group with links and description how to compile SP3 on Linux:!msg/sonic-pi/czd8kpuMklM/45gDVDHGBgAJ;context-place=msg/sonic-pi/zW2u3PgyS5o/xZo7oCIeAQAJ!msg/sonic-pi/zW2u3PgyS5o/xZo7oCIeAQAJ;context-place=msg/sonic-pi/czd8kpuMklM/l_JKp9uSBwAJ

This seems to be a frequently asked question. I will try to add a thread with some more complete information than just a link to the Google groups within the next 2 weeks (if it’ll not be done by someone else earlier).


Hi @Elkie,

@Martin is right - there are currently no plans to release any pre-packaged versions of Sonic Pi for any Linux distros. The v2.9 release for Debian was kindly donated by Hanno Zulla - but unfortunately he hasn’t had the time to work on any subsequent releases. Given that Sonic Pi is now pretty much unfunded (I only have a couple more months of funding left and am struggling to get the Patreon income up to anywhere near the amount that would replace a salary) I don’t have the resources to pay for anyone to work on it.

We’re therefore hoping that someone might step up to help us here. Until then, unfortunately you’ll have to compile things yourself.

Many apologies.