Sonic Pi v3.3-BETA-5 is now publicly available

Hey everyone,

We’re almost there. So close that I’m essentially treating v3.3-BETA-5 as a Release Candidate and am releasing it publicly to broaden feedback before the final release.

So, if you’re here as an existing Patreon supporter I wanted to take this moment to thank-you for all your support - this release wouldn’t be possible without you. You’re all amazing! Hugs :slight_smile:

OK, without further ado, here’s the link

What’s new?

Three key features of this release are:

  • Accessible Menu Bar
  • New MIDI subsystem
  • Support for macOS Big Sur and M1 based Macs.

Encounter Problems or Issues?

Please note that this is a BETA release. Whilst I’m pretty sure it’s close to release quality, there may still be some issues and problems that you encounter. If you do, please do let me know down in the comments below or if you’re feeling keen by creating an issue over on Github Issues.

Thanks x

Thanks again to everyone involved - this was most definitely a collaborative effort including work from programmers, translators and support from accessibility experts. See a full list of contributors here.

A full list of changes can be found over on our Changelog sonic-pi/ at main · sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi · GitHub


Hi @samaaron

Congratulations !

How can i contribute to make the menus full translated in French ?


Hi @nlb - we crowdsource all our translations using an automatic online system called weblate:

It would be lovely if you could help translate any part of the GUI or tutorial to French :slight_smile:

yep i have already contributed by the pass and am going to try to translate the gui in french quickly before the final release of 3.3.

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That would be amazing, thanks!

Can you tell us the path of a new fresh set up ?
Can’t find the way to relaunch the beta version…
Can we have two versions on one computer the 3.2 stable and the next 3.3-beta5

@nlb - that depends if you downloaded the macOS or the Windows version.

The Windows version installs side-by-side the official release. So you’ll see “Sonic Pi” and “Sonic Pi BETA” if you have them both installed. (New versions of the official release will replace old versions of the official release and new versions of the BETA will replace old versions of the BETA).

The macOS version is a stand-alone app folder structure that comes in a zip directory and you can install it wherever you want, so you’d just need to give it a different name and pop it into your Applications directory or you could make a BETA directory and put it in there. It’s up to you really :slight_smile:

Sorry it was on w10.
So on windows 10 the full path is C:\Program Files\Sonic Pi BETA

I find the menus very verbose, talky :slight_smile:
On the menu Code, tell me if i am wrong but the sentence “show code completion” could be more “Code completion” and if it sticked we understand it’s on, no ?
It can be applied on many menus where show is not essential to understand the entry.
Show in french is Afficher a long long word :slight_smile:

F11 key to select the “Full Screen Mode” is a kind of “standard” no as in browsers ?


personally I prefer more descriptive and friendly menu entries over shorter more terse ones.

In your example “Code completion” doesn’t say what that specific menu entry is going to do. Is it going to jump to it, is it going to enable it, is it going to show it… etc. I much prefer to be clear about the actual action of the entry rather than making it implicit and hoping people might guess correctly.

Possibly - although I have never used function keys (my keyboard doesn’t even have them) and my Mac is more useful using the touchbar interface than the old-school Function keys.

Happy for someone to look into adding the shortcut if they have energy and desire.

it’s up to you :slight_smile:



Can you tell me where these sentences are used ?

Hiding about window... etc

The strings are used in a variety of places in the Gui

From the menu bar to the preferences, to the window titles to the messages that appear in the notification bar at the bottom.

It’s all the translationable parts of the gui code base.

Those in particular I believe are shown in the status bar when you show/hide one of the windows/panels.

Okay @emlyn thanks. I see more the context.

Just dl’d beta 6 and it won’t load. I see the splash screen and then poof.

I’m running Windows10. Tried it before and after a restart, with other apps running and without. And the task manager doesn’t show any sign of the process.

Bummer! Anyone else having issues like this?

Beta 6 is running correctly for me on MacOS Big Sur and Catalina.

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Hi @birv2 - sorry you’re having issues.

Could you raise an issue on GitHub and post all of the logs in ~/.sonic-pi/log/ so we can see what’s going on for you.

Also, did you try any of the previous Betas? What was the last version of Sonic Pi that you used that worked?