Install Sonic Pi 3.3 beta on Ubuntu 20.04 : very easy


Just to say thanks to everyone who make sonic pi install easy as your a b c on ubuntu 20.04.
I just followed these steps and boum it works on a fresh ubuntu 20.04 install.

Midi works - OSC works - good line is indicated when errors :slight_smile:
See you


I was stoked until I realize the link is broken. I have issues with the sudo apt-get install sonic-pi version.
for one, it installs version 2.2, and that crashes after a long wait. Im on Ubuntu Mate 20.04, Im not sure if sonic-pi is doing some distro specific operations, like gnome dependencies, but I dont make it past the loading screen.

Sonic Pi is not officially supported for the official software distribution repositories - we unfortunately don’t have the resources to handle it - so you will be at the mercy of community maintained versions in that regard.

Having said that, the recent work by members of the core team to improve the build scripts means that compiling Sonic Pi yourself is a much easier job these days - so that’s definitely the recommended way to get up to date Sonic Pi on your Linux machine :slightly_smiling_face:

(The updated documentation link for building in Linux is:
sonic-pi/ at main · sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi · GitHub)

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