Sonic Pi 4.3 installer for Ubuntu 22.04

I’ve produced an installer for Sonic Pi 4.3 for Ubuntu 22.04 (the latest LTS version).
Please view the video in the link before trying it. There are a couple of issues which it highlights. Note this is unlikely to work with other linux. It contains compiled files specific to this distribution. It MAY work on other flavours of ubuntu based on 22.04 and possibly on 22.1 but I haven’t tried it.


Hello! Great job! It should be available
here: Releases · sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi · GitHub

In addition the current version available in ubuntu software manager, and apt package doesn’t work on ubuntu 22

So again thank you!

Glad you like it. The reason it is not on the github site is that officially we only support the version for the Raspberry Pi on Linux. tweaks to develop and package for other linux flavours cannot be supported fully because there aren’t sufficient resources available to do so.
All the 4.3 version for Ubuntu is is a build from source on a virtual Ubuntu 22.04 machine, with the resulting code which is all contained in a relocatable folder packaged as a non standard binary only .deb file which also contains a list of the extra packages which need to be installed for it to run. It also has a .desktop file so that it will appear in the gui as an installed app icon. It is installed in /opt/sonic-pi, and not as a regular ubuntu package, and I cannot guarantee to give support for it.

Thank you for your explanation!

I think one day it would really be great to support one of the main desktop distribution like Ubuntu or Debian. But I suppose for now it’s not the majority of sonic pi users =)