Sonic Pi 4.3 installer for Ubuntu 22.04

Wow thanks for doing this. I was getting frustrated earlier trying to run Sonic-Pi on Debian using the version in apt. I thought the issue was with JACK setup so I installed Ubuntu Studio (which has it preconfigured for realtime) and then was dismayed when I still saw errors from the apt version. But this build worked like a charm.

Hello Robin. Would you consider doing an update for a 4.5 appImage please? I’ve spent quite a bit of time trying to compile the new version following Sam’s link posted above on a clean Debian Bookworm install and simply haven’t succeeded. Installing your previous v4.3 appImage worked perfectly and only required a slight tweak to my jack audio server. Cheers.

Unfortunately I don’t have access to a suitable computer to build and test it on. I can only build virtual machines on Mac m2 machine on aarch64
However there is a recent post by someone who has successfully built it
Building v4.5.0 on Linux · Issue #3353 · sonic-pi-net/sonic-pi · GitHub See the last section. This may help

Hi Robin. No worries and thank you for the reply and link. I’ll take a look at it and see if perhaps I’m simply missing something. I’ve compiled a lot of programs over the years as a C programmer but Erlang in particular is the one giving me trouble. Cheers.

For erlang and elixir you cans use asdf to install if your disro doesn’t have versions which are up to date enough

I’m looking into that currently. The Erlang tools are entirely new to me so I can only imagine I’m on the “learning curve” right now. :wink:

There is a script in the app folder. I think this will work for Ubuntu as well.
I managed to get an old Mac going with vmware and had a look at Ubuntu 22.04
There is a problems with asdf and ubuntu 22.04 as shown in this issue

However I found that the solution by adam-mazur-gat near the end of the discussion worked and I got it to install Erlang
26.2.2 and elixir 1.16.1-otp-26 (I asked for the latest) Note the otp number 26 has to match the erlang version 26
These built Sonic PI OK, with the other changes mentioned in the post above.
It was a bit tricky to locate all the pipewire bits, and the process is messier than for Ubuntu 23.10. You also need to build qpwgraph from source althouhg this is pretty straight forward. At this stage personally I would wait for Ubuntu 24.04 due in April where it should be much simpler to install.