Installing Sonic Pi 3.1.0 in Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS

Hi community, i’ve compiled sonic pi 3.1.0 in ubuntu 16.04.4 succesfully following this thread: XUbuntu 17.10 and Sonic Pi 3.1 [solved]
and changing some lines, but need some testers! Thanks!
These are the steps and changes:


Almost time for a new LTS, y’all, 18.04 LTS will be released April 26.

I wonder, can we use snap or docker to our advantage? I know as a standard package it’s way too much maintenance for Sam, but if we can at least get an ubuntu version that’s simple and always up to date, it would be very helpful.

I have a school lab full of 16.04s, I’ll try to make time to try it out after class tomorrow.

Thanks kniknoo. It’s good news, I think, maybe we would wait until that release ¿?. I’m not an expert user of linux, I’ve been used it since 8 month ago, and don’t know how do or dev the standard package, but I really interested in using SP in Ubuntu

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Oh word, I’ve been at it a good long while, but never on the package maintenance side of things. I think it would be worthwhile to not waste too much effort on 16.04 and try to target 18.04.

Ok then I’ll follow your advice :slight_smile: waiting for 18.04