Old Versions of Sonic Pi

I’m investigating the feasibility of using a headless Pi for an art installation, with limited ‘clones’ that can be given away as well. To keep costs and packaging reasonable, I’d really like to use a Pi Zero (when you’re making 4-5 copies the costs add up), however I know 3.0.1 does not support the Zero and crashes on load.

I’ve looked on Github, but wasn’t able to find much. Is there somewhere I could download the last version of Sonic Pi that successfully ran on the Pi Zero?

There’s an archive of releases here http://sonic-pi.net/files/releases/ :wink:

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@samaaron is it worth posting the portable releases in that repository? I have a copy of them if you need them.

The portable releases are in there already! :slight_smile:

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I only see foe v3 release.

Awesome! Thank you so much @pwinstanley!!

@pwinstanley - there was no Windows release for v3.0 hence why there’s no MSI or portable release. The first release for Windows post v2.11 was v3.1 :slight_smile:

Perhaps the best place to navigate and get hold of older releases is the GitHub release page:

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Hi—reviving this thread as I’m looking to run Sonic Pi on a Raspberry Pi Zero [Raspbian]. Is this possible now?

An initial attempt produced some errors, e.g.,:
“Sonic Pi boot error: Sonic Pi server could not be started!”
pport: 4562 [OK]" but “[GUI] - starting UDP OSC Server on port 59” it goes haywire into “??? 4558…”
"stopping UDP OSC Server… UDP OSC Server no longer listening… "