Sonic Pi 3.2.1 released for Mac, PC and Raspberry Pi

Sam Aaron has just released Sonic Pi 3.2.1 for Mac and Windows for all on and on the patreon site, so here is the link to get the Raspberry Pi deb file.

I know we are both a day early, but we wanted you all to get at the new version asap.



Amazing work Robin, thanks.

This is the first version of Sonic Pi for Raspberry Pi I’m happy to officially endorse since v3.0.1 - my last release which built and packaged back in July 2017.

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So Sam ,I use win7 64 on my PC but noticed that the new 3.2.1 says for win 10 does that mean it won’t work on win7 64 ? I have gotten the Pi4b too but I cross platform while learning python,linux, and already got a hand on win but 7which I feel way better on than 10 with its changes all the time.anyways will Sonic pi 3.2.1 work on my win 7 64 too Thanks

Hi @NateRamone,

I only have the resources to support Windows 10 64bit at this stage.

This new release may or may not work on your installation of Win 7. You might also need to install the latest Windows C++ redistributable which may or may not help things.

Also, I don’t have the resources to support the Pi, but Robin Newman has kindly put in the effort to package and release v3.2.1 over there and I’m confident that will work well for you.

Have fun!

Thanks @robin.newman,

I’ll definitely be trying this on one of my three rpi4’s!

Hi JesterKIng Hope you enjoy it.

At least I enjoy your twitter feed on the subject!


Yeah just incase others want to know if the win10 64 Sonic pi install works on win7 64 too . Well it worked for me so far but it removed the sonic Pi 3.1 from my computer before installing the 3.2.1 :slight_smile: