V3.2.2 for Raspberry Pi OS now available

Hi everyone,

I’m pleased to announce that v3.2.2 of Sonic Pi for the new Raspberry Pi OS is now available with support for the new 8Gb Raspberry Pi 4.

This is the result of a huge amount of work by @robin.newman who has single-handedly built, tested and polished this release. Thank-you so much, Robin.

It’s very easy to install this new release on your Raspberry Pi. Simply download and double-click the deb file. Alternatively, for those of you that love to live in the terminal run the following commands:

sudo apt update 
sudo apt install ./sonic-pi_3.2.2_4_armhf.deb

This release replaces the existing v3.1 release of Sonic Pi which ships on Raspberry Pi OS which apart from being over 2 years old has a number of known issues including missing MIDI and OSC functionality and lack of headphone jack support.

We have sent this new release to Raspberry Pi, but unfortunately they decided not to accept and distribute it, preferring to continue to ship their v3.1 build. They have recently adopted a more stricter acceptance policy and will now only accept so-called “Debian Source Packages”. Unfortunately we don’t currently have the resources or knowledge to create source packages - although we do now have a much improved build system.

If any of you would like to contribute by creating a source package, we would absolutely love to talk so we can get all of the huge amount of work from the last few years into the hands of Raspberry Pi users without having to manually install anything.

Thanks again to Robin and I hope you have huge amounts of fun with Sonic Pi on the platform it was first designed on and for!

Raspberry Pi OS
Link sonic-pi_3.2.2_4_armhf.deb
Size 64M
MD5 8df8e49f2ed43bf52a30f69e115d094d
SHA256 76086decc9378790397982ed39bfac65d1ff60d6c9f63b1cbcec398ddff6e425

My heart soars ! … The little riff ( if that is the best description ? ) between You and
the Pi People was saddening .

It is saddening. I did everything they ever asked of me and much more.

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I received word that Raspberry Pi have now fixed the headphone audio issue in their v3.1 build of Sonic Pi, which is great news for people using Sonic Pi out of the box.

However, we still recommend users update to v3.2.2 for a far better experience all round (better GUI, improved translations, working MIDI + networking, new synths and FX, lower memory footprint, faster boot time, and much more).

We’re also still very interested to hear from anyone with any Debian package experience (or would be interested in gaining some) who might want to help us create a source package that they can distribute in place of their old v3.1 build.


What was ( is ? ) the " headphone audio issue ) ?

Many thanks to Robin for persisting to get the latest build of Sonic Pi up and running on Raspberry Pi, and to Sam for supporting this. I do hope that with help from the community you are able to achieve the Debian source package requirements, so that the latest version can be there out of the box in Raspbian. It is such a fantastic educational resource to have across platforms.

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Hi, Thanks for the great work! I am newbie here. Just get my pi 4 8GB board up and running. Sonic is so useful and important so I found this good news of new version and gave it a try. However I still don’t get sound from headphone jack.

Other stuff (Chromium, youtube) can play sound all fine now.

I need the sound from headphone jack because I don’t have HDMI device on it.
I had to create a /etc/asound.conf to set default sound device to the headphone jack. After a reboot this new version of Sonic-pi worked.

pcm.!default {
type hw
card 1

ctl.!default {
type hw
card 1

And I hope someone come up help the deb issue soon. There are some build-from-source steps for SuperCollider et la in the current building instruction. Those should be packed in their own deb package. When I got time maybe I can try how hard it is. I have a SSD drive plugged in and can do some compiling work, though slowly.

You could use a cheap HDMI audio splitter, but the right answer is to resolve the headphone jack problem.

FWIW … RPi 3 B +
Today made new Pi Os sd ( via Noobs )
So tried 3.2.2 again ( download from website )
Still the windows are completely screwed up
to the point of useless : (
Back to 3.1.0 …

Hi @hitsware,

What issues are you having with the windows? I’ve not seen any other similar reports. Perhaps it’s something easy to fix?

Could you possibly take a screenshot of what you see?

Could you possibly take a screenshot of what you see?

Would that I could …
SPi takes over ( or is too big for ) the screen so that
the task bar is gone and I can ’ t open the terminal …
nor size the screen nor close SPi …
As SPi 3.2.2 boots there is a ’ visual jerk ’ ( for lack of a better term )
during the initial intro screen that doesn’t happen with 3.1.0 …
Actually 3.1.0 is OK for my purpose except that ( with Buster ) I have
too reboot to start SPi if I have previously used it . For some reason with Stretch this doesn ’ t occur … Life is fraught …

Interesting. A couple of questions:

  1. What happens if you hit the “Full Screen” shortcut: shift-alt-f
  2. What’s the resolution of the screen that you’re using?

@hitsware - in case it helps, you can move the window about even if the window’s borders are off the edge of the screen, by holding down Alt and clicking and dragging with the mouse :slightly_smiling_face:

you can move the window about even if the window’s borders
are off the edge of the screen, by holding down Alt and clicking
and dragging with the mouse

O.K… Forgot about that … How about the size of the buttons,
compared to before ? On purpose ? On Pi 4 does the screen look
the same as mine ?

The slight “jerk” is the compton program activating which is necessary (on the Pi) for the transparency adjustment slider to work. Essentially it forces a screen redraw. comtpon is deativated when you quit the program. This is perfectly normal for the Pi version of Sonic Pi 3.2.2

From my experience today 25th Aug - see No Audio - analogue output - Pi2B v1.1 - with 3.1. It’s not fixed.
robin.newman 's recommendation to go to 3.2.2 has me sorted :grinning:


I remember an earlier version with the transparency control ,
but don’t remember the ’ blink ’ ( better term ) …
My memory or a different program ?

I dont think there has been another version where the transparency has worked: there may have been one that showed the slider, but it didn’t work. You could of course havw a set up that runs compton independently then SP wouldnt blink on startup. I did a version for one user that was set up like this. Generally though I don;t find it a big issue.

Just curious …