No sound out of Sonic Pi

Hi everyone, I’m new here:

I’ve bought a Raspberry pi 4B . I wanted to use Sonic Pi in it. But I don’t have sound out of Sonic Pi. I’ve tested the general sound with Youtube videos and Soundcloud audios and it works, but Sonic Pi is not sending sound out.

How can I fix this?
Thanks a lot.

Some adition information. I tried to record something. I can listen the audio file recorded by sonic Pi, but not the "live"sound…

What version of Sonic Pi and PiOS do you have?

Raspberry Os-32 bit 6.0 and Sonic Pi 3.2.2

if you mean by 6.0 kernel 6 then is that release Bookworm? If so then the only release from the site is for the 64bit version of the OS and that is sonic pi version 4.5
version 3.2.2 will not work on either the 32 or 64 bit version as they use pipewire for sound connections.
Version 3.2.2 is old, and was pbuiilt I think by debian multimedia team, and not the main sonic-pi site.
Do you know the full name of your Pi OS? If it is based on Bullseye then there is a 32bit version on
Thereafter they are all 64bit only.

Ok, It was the default version on the OS. I bought a preinstalled SD card. I think I will try to get a 64bit OS because I have also another problem on the sound general output. f not, I will try to look for the version you say. Thanks for the answer.