3.2.2 portable install fails

I’ve been having troubles running my installs of 3.2 and 3.2.2 on windows lately, so I uninstalled it and attempted to reinstall from the 64 bit 3.2.2 portable installer I still had locally, since the download link I located from the past doesn’t appear to work any longer. It starts the install but eventually runs into this problem:
Can’t write: C:\Users#######\Downloads\SonicPiPortable\App\Sonic Pi\app\server\native\ruby\bin\x64-msvcrt-ruby270.dll

I’d much rather just install the regular version, but it’s a work machine I have no install privs on. What could be going wrong?

Apologies, but we don’t have the resources to support older versions of Sonic Pi. We also don’t currently have a non-MSI release. However, I did recently create a bespoke build for an institution I’m giving a workshop at and it did appear to work fine for them - so that’s a possibility for the future. However, it’s only that - a possibility not a reality - I would still need to figure out how to properly package it and make it simple to use (it’s pretty tacky in its current state).

Thanks. I get it. I’ve asked the tech team to install the newest version for me. My students will still be using 3.2.x on the RPi, so hopefully it’ll work out fine, still.

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That should be absolutely fine. Also, it’s totally possible to run v4.3 on the Pi too - 32 or 64 bit :slight_smile:

I did try that. I don’t recall the requirement it had, but there was something about my Raspbian install that it didn’t like, so it failed. Whatever changes I’d have had to make would have undone the setup I created for cloning for the class. Maybe it’s a project for the summer - much lower stakes if something goes wrong.