Sonoj 2019 at Cologne


as last year I could make it to visit the Sonoj 2019 at Cologne. A small and fine open source audio conference.

I would like to direct your attention to a very interesting talk about “Vital”, a not yet released but rearly mighty wave table software synthesizer with a brilliant interface by Matt Tytel (author of Helm), which Unfa had the pleasure to present to the audience as a world premiere. I am very much looking forward to try out this synth, which will be released some time next year.

I also did a short talk about my Sonic Pi monome prototype application (not live, just showing and explaining my short video). (For those of you who own a monome and would like to have a look at the alpha version, here is the Github project with some documentation.)


Wow Vital looks great! Looking forward to when it is released.

Yes, it does. I don’t know for sure. Sometime next year.