Sonic Pi at Cologne Sonoj Convention 2018


I am happy to be invited to Sonoj Convention 2018 to give a talk about and do some live coding with Sonic Pi.

If you happen to be at Cologne in October and are interested you should register; admission is free but limited.



Congratulations! This is really fab news. Please do let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Thanks… you’ll see, there will be video recordings of all session as far as I know.


Hi to all,

my talk about Sonic Pi (including 20 minutes of live coding) is online now:

Hope you’ll enjoy it.



Great performance. Loved the piece.
Not listened to all of the following talk yet…

Thanks @robin.newman for listening! And thanks to @samaaron for the lovely tweeted recomendation. I must admit that due to some jitters (I think that’s the correct word) my language perfomance during the talk wasn’t on the same level as the coding :wink: But that’s okay for now…

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It was both a fabulous performance and talk - thank-you so much. Clearly a lot of hard work went into preparing this and it really showed through. :slight_smile:

I’ve just built an Ubuntu 18.04 box with Sonic Pi 3.2 dev installed and I’ve also added carla to this, but I’ve never used it before and I would be interested in some pointers on connecting it all up as you have done in the talk.
At present I just use SP connected to an external hardware Steinberg UR22 mkII using qjackctl to do the connections.
Also some pointers on adding the Tal-reverb plugin you used.

Addendum EDIT
Got it working eventually. It’s a cool system.

have you used it for midi in/out as well?

Hi Robin,

that’s actually quite easy:

Every live_loop will send its signal to a designated output channel. No. 3/4 from live_loop :arp e. g. go to the Tal Reverb loaded into Carla. Actually I forgot to remove the connections for channel 1/2, because Sonic Pi sends all its output automatically on channel 1/2. That is why during the performance some distortion can be heard: the live_loop :arp (channel 3/4) and all others could also be heard on the master channel 1/2 (without external reverb); that was a mistake which fortunately did not spoil the sound too much.

Does that help?

As to Carla there is a presentation from Filipe Coelho from last year’s Sonoj available (who attended also this year), which gives an exhaustive overview of this fine software.

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Thanks for this. I"d just figured it out before reading your answer. Initially I had trouble getting the reverb plug in to work but OK now, also added the calf pack of goodies. It looks like a good system. Do you use the full KXStudio or just Carla? I’ve just installed Carla alone to start with.

Just Carla. I am using Linux Mint/Gnome since quite a while. I think I did compile the Calf suite as I read this would be better and especially more up-to-date than the version from package management.

I am still figuring out how much and what external plugin I want and need but for the presentation the reverb (because I needed a very strong reverb) and the compressor were a good choice.

I don’t see any problems using that with Midi. My next project is to integrate my Blofeld tightly into the setup (which involves spending quite some time with it). For the presentation I just used a sample made with the Blofeld but I have already checked to ‘outsource’ the synth live_loop to the Blofeld, which works well (actually I have your midi_chord function loaded into SP at startup :wink: .

Spent some time this afternoon listening to the talk half of your video. Well done!
I liked the section at the end in questions where you said a bit about your preparations for live coding and the shorthands you developed to remind you what to do.
I also liked the examples you used to illustrate Sonic Pi, especially developing on the qrpeggios example and putting it in a loop.

You’ve inspired me to look further at live coding: as you know I mainly work on linear pre-programmed classical music, but I liked your approach to live coding.

Hi Robin,

thanks for your kind words!

What format is this in? I’d love to watch it, but my W10 machine says “no video with supported format and MIME type found”


Hi @birv2,
I don’t know… But Youtube should work.

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Just started watching it and am so impressed with what you’re doing here. Can’t wait to watch the whole thing. I’ll do that before I pepper you with questions, as I’m sure you answer them in your talk!

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