Live Coding Set, Germany, Bremen


yesterday (for the second time) I had the opportunity to present a live coding set at the Lift (a nice bar at Bremen in Germany). It was a joy to play live after the Corona mess (which is still around but less restricting than last year). All in all it went quite well and I taped the session. Here is the result:

If you are interested in the code I can happily share it - but be aware, I used Carla with some external effects (mostly different reverbs), which you will need to use to get similar results as I did.


This is some wonderfully accomplished and inspirational work. Thanks so much for sharing!

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Hi @Martin

Happy to listen to your music again :wink:
Very good piece of music !


Hi, I love how organic your soundscape is! The arrangement is sick. I would be interested in the code if you were open to sharing :slight_smile:. Great work! I (hopefully) am on my way to conceptualizing something as sonically compelling as your work.

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thanks a lot for your kind words!

Here is the code:

  1. Who are You? - Who are you? (Sonic Pi) · GitHub
  2. Chromero - Chromero (Sonic Pi) · GitHub
  3. Field - Field (Sonic Pi) · GitHub
  4. Noise to Music - Noise to Music (Sonic Pi) · GitHub
  5. Heatherland - Heatherland (Sonic Pi) · GitHub
  6. Beethoven - Beethoven (Sonic Pi) · GitHub

Problem is, I won’t be able to share all the samples publically. If you interested in one or the other track, let me know and I see whether I can share in these cases. Another thing I mentioned above: I used some external effects via Carla (see e. g. Separate output channels for live_loops (or buffers)? - #15 by Martin for some more information).


wow. großartige Performance!
Ich darf ja sicher hier und da mal spickeln und mich inspirieren lassen, oder?
Ich habe erst vor kurzem deinen Beitrag von der republica (2016?) entdeckt und war ebenfalls total begeistert!

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Ja, aber klar. Und danke für die Blumen!