Bonjour de Toulouse, France

Hello everyone,

My name is jean, I am French and I am recently retired. I have a long-time passion for computers, music and many other things that are less interesting here.
I am a clarinettist, I like jazz and all kinds of strange music for many clubbed ears by commercial products.
I’ve been touring electronic music for a long time, especially csound, and I’ve set the stage for live-coding with Steven Yi’s experiments with csound. But as I am curious nature I pushed my investigations further and met on the net this great tool that seems to be Sonic Pi at first.
I am a long time Linuxian, I use Debian Stretch. I installed via apt the “stable” version of Sonic Pi but I will try to install a newer version. By the way, on the home page of the Sonic Pi website it seems that there is no version for Linux, which is a shame for an open-source software.
I would like to produce my own sound “backgrounds” to improvise on it with my instrument. I like it rather the genre Nu Jazz, see Bugge Wesseltoft.
That’s it, I take any advice to go in this direction.


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Hi Jean,

welcome to our community - it’s lovely to have you here and this place is richer thanks to your presence.

With respect to the lack of Linux releases - this is due to a lack of funding rather than any lack of interest. You’ll find that even the Raspberry Pi version has been downgraded in their recent Buster release. This is because the RP Foundation are no longer supporting Sonic Pi and have dropped down to the version of Sonic Pi in Debian stable (kindly packaged and contributed by a Sonic Pi user a few years ago). Unfortunately this version is extremely old.

I am considering creating a kickstarter to pay for someone to fix this situation, but until I find funds Linux is sadly unsupported. Apologies for this.

Hi, nice to meet you @jean31270! I also spent a lot of time over csound, it’s super software, but Sonic-Pi it’s a complete new paradigm, a new world to explore and a new dimension to create music, I really appreciate it, and the sound engine it’s Super Collider, that’s fantastic too.
So, I’m waiting to listen at some code from you!

Hallo Jean
It is unfortunate that Linux is currently unsupported, Sonic Pi is a unique and powerful tool. I bought a cheap Windows machine just so I could run Sonic Pi. On Linux I mainly use Supercollider and it is possible to build a live looper in SC (and CSound), it would be time consuming and the code would be very dense. Sonic Pi does this very easily! So, we can hope for a Kickstarter soon


it’s not really true. Install sonic pi under linux is possible ! it’s just a bit harder but this forum is there to help :slight_smile:

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