Bonjour from Canada!

Hi you all,
my name is Jeanlin, living in Montreal - Canada.
So… I freshly jump into Sonic Pi which I already heard about back then when I owned a raspberri but didn’t get the chance to try it properly.
So why now fewyears later ? This time, no raspberry anymore but 2 ways to push me to seriously raise my interest of Sonic pi :
Electronic music first as I enjoy to jam using my drum machine with some friends and their synths.
Code secondly, through my job using mainly Python.
And this is where Sonic Pi meets both of the best worlds I cherish : to create music, to create a new way to make music (and live!) thank to the powerful of the code. I would be fool to miss it and not give it a try . Thank for the add !


Salut ! Bienvenue à toi :slight_smile:

Hey @Jeanlin,

it’s lovely to welcome you here. Thanks for joining in and I hope Sonic Pi brings you much joy :slight_smile:

oh… I already know it will bring some. It’s an astonishing piece only asking to be used. And it’s great to have a forum - so, a community - related to Sonic pi as well. What a crazy job you make.

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Great to have you here @Jeanlin, welcome! Would love to hear/see what you get up to with Sonic Pi if you ever feel comfortable sharing :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

yep, a matter of time. And the will to be stuck with practice. :wink:

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Hi Jeanlin, welcome. Very curious to see what you will come up with. Enchantez!

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greetings from germany too, welcome jeanlin

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