Hi from Germany

Hi there!

I am new to Sonic PI and already love it! I am a programmer and a hobby-musician from Germany.
I code in x64 assembler as a hobby and in Java for work :wink:
As a musician I like to jam and play piano, some percussion (cahon) and the drums.

With Sonic PI I just like to experiment and program some chiptune music, like from the oldskool DOS/C64/Amiga demoscene (my favourite is the DOS scene).
My favourite chiptune music is delicate oooz by emax and intros/cracktros coded by hetero :wink:

So yeah that’s it, let’s see how long Sonic PI will stay my friend.


Welcome Aurolis. Hope you have fun here.

Thank you, I think I will :slight_smile:

… Auriolis? What? Again? :slight_smile:
Welcome my friend. I think you will do well
here, and settle in as a regular.



Uhm, I think you might have mistaken me for someone else? :slight_smile: