Hello everyone, I finally entered the LEGION >:D

Hello everyone,
My name is Davi and I am from Brazil. I’ve first seem sonic pi when I virtualized raspberry pi os when I had some problems. To use sonic pi I am using my host OS(windows) and it is working perfectly, I just need to learn how to do in raspberry pi boards, so I would make some funny stuff >:) like making a bunch of robots play FUNK cof cof.

I am still doing the tutorials, experimenting around with the commands and the numbers, receiving some error messages already XD, negative notes as parameters to play() go BRRRRRRRR.

I really love programming and I’ve already had experiences with ruby before, but I’ve never had with music creation. Actually, I’ve already tried other studios before, but they weight much to my remaining disk(host OS). I am really glad I found sonic pi and I’ve already recommended it to some friends.

thanks a lot to Samaaron

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