Introduction - Kyle Barbour

Hey all!

I’ve wanted to get into live coding and making electronic music for ages but just recently started having the time to get more into it. As soon as I found Sonic Pi I was in love and have been having a blast playing with it. Glad to see so many other excited users!

I’m a long-time Linux user and am interested in trying to package 3.0.1 for Debian/Ubuntu. I’m teaching myself about that process — it’s new to me — so if any of you are experienced and would like to help, I’m sure I’ll have questions down the road. (And if I’m successful at getting a PPA to work, eventually it would be great to have it accepted into the Debian/Ubuntu repos, which would require a sponsor/advocate from a Debian Developer, so I’d love to learn from any of you who are experienced with that process.)

Looking forward to learning from you all and contributing in the future as much as I can!


Great to hear from you - and welcome to our community :slight_smile:

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