Hello from Germany

Hello, I am Lukas and I am happy to be a Patreon Supporter of Sonic-Pi!

I found this neat Program on my Raspberry Pi and tried it out. I am totally amazed how simple lines of code can produce such great sounds.

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Welcome @lukas - I’m sure your support is very much appreciated! Great to meet you :smile:

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Welcome Lukas. I’m sure you will find much to enjoy with Sonic Pi. I’ve enjoyed exploring it since version 1 and i’m Still discovering new ways to use it now.

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Yeah, i have seen your posts on twitter

Hey! Welcome. Have fun with Sonic Pi. It’s a great language to explore music!

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Hey Lukas,

thanks so much for your generous support on Patreon. It means such a lot to me :slight_smile:

It’s really great that you choose to hang out here, thanks. Please feel free to ask any questions - nothing is too basic or advance - everything is welcome.

Welcome to our community!

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i have indeed a small question: Can i change the Language of SonicPi ? It seems to grab the systems language…