New member introduction and a question about the lang guide

Greetings. I just started studying Sonic Pi after spending some time thinking about my own options of how I’d like to proceed with making electronic music. I have played a bit with csound in the past, and also with puredata, and was just in the process of learning tone.js, when I accidentally stumbled on a youtube video of a Sonic Pi piece done by a fellow whose JS/music tutorial series I had been following. I had heard of Sonic Pi before but for some reason always thought it was a Raspberry Pi only thing so I never tried it – since I don’t have R-Pi.

I’m quite pleased with what I’ve found so far in Sonic-Pi, so much in fact that I decided to become a Patreon supporter because I’d like to see Sonic-Pi flourish.

Okay, enough about that – now on to my question. And I did search around a bit before deciding to ask:

Is the Lang hosted anywhere that we can read it apart from the Sonic-Pi application? I do see that the Tutorial is hosted outside of the app, but I don’t see that the Lang reference is? …or not that I’ve found.


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Hi @gl3nn206,

a warm welcome to the forum!

Not sure if this is of any help to you: As a Linux user with a self compiled version I can browser lang documentation using this (local) url:


Thanks @Martin. I didn’t compile the source, I just downloaded the latest Mac build.