Doc Translations available as file ? cant see the doc i the desirable language :(

Hi, my question can apprears weird but i am searching a way to access the internal doc in my favorites languages (French or english)… my computer has Spanish as installed language and Sonic Pi can solo show me the spanish doc :frowning:
can you help to get a version of the french doc as file ? or anything that i can read out of the software ?
have a nice day

If you are on MacOS (it must be the same on other platforms I guess), you can open the application package and find the Contents/Resources/etc/doc/generated folder. In there, you will find the tutorial (MarkDown format) for various languages. Just open the folder for the language you wish to access. In other related folders, you will find the internal documentation for synths, effects, etc… formatted in MarkDown.

I hope that this will help you to find what you seek!

Hey @uriel :slight_smile:
The English tutorial is hosted on Sonic Pi’s official website: Sonic Pi - Tutorial

As for the French tutorial, a while ago I made a test website with the tutorials in different languages. While it was made as a proof of concept (images are missing) and is very unlikely to be kept up to date, it might be useful:
(Please note this website is in no way official)

I hope this helps ^-^

hi, thanks for your answer,
yes, the link you gave me needs a bit of care i imagine, to update and include all the pieces of code.

i couldnt find the markdown doc in french. So i refer to the english one, which is fine.
ps: i saw your work on the language selection development, thats awesome, do you know if it will be included in the next release of SPi ?)

Yes, I think the language option should be in the next release :slight_smile:

@uriel - Sunder is correct, the in-app language switcher has been added to the dev branch already, and will be available either by compiling your own build from that, or through the latest beta builds - and will be in the next official release.

The translated markdown files are generated as part of the compilation process, and will be in /etc/doc/generated once this has happened. Note that in case you weren’t already aware, only the tutorial documents are available this way. Other parts of the documentation such as the examples, synth, fx and function references are not yet translatable - we’re working on that and this will hopefully be possible in maybe Sonic Pi v4.1 :slightly_smiling_face:

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