Is there an online version of the Sonic Pi language reference?

I’m using Sonic Pi on a Raspberry Pi - controlling it with emacs and the sonic-pi-tool. It would be great to be able to view the language reference files that are available in the Sonic Pi GUI. Are they available anywhere online?

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I have seen one or two posted before. It is possible to produce the documentation from the build process for Sonic PI fairly easily. The documents are all in html format. I can easily post a version IF @samaaron is in agreement. The potentital is that various versions get around which become out of date, and the html files do not obviously include the version information which is generated elsewhere in Sonic Pi.

If I could find them in the source code, that would be a good enough solution. What I’m looking for is the content of the Synths, Fx, Samples, and Lang tabs from the GUI.

I’ve been on this very hunt before. I’d super appreciate having the full reference easily available online.

They are generated during the build process. You would need to have a compiler installed (on a Mac use Xcode to do this), also ruby (I used ruby-2.4.1) and would have to run the following sections of the build process.
download the Sonic Pi source from github to a suitable location using
git clone
(This installs a folder sonic-pi containing the source code)
cd sonic-pi/app/gui/qt
…/…/server/bin/i18n-tool.rb -t
cp -f ruby_help.tmpl ruby_help.h
…/…/server/bin/qt-doc.rb -o ruby_help.h

(You can see a reasonably recent complete install script I have used for Mac here

You will find a folder book has been created in the qt folder. This contains the html files to run the variouls sections of documentation eg
Sonic Pi - Examples.html
Sonic Pi - Fx.html
Sonic Pi - Lang.htmll
Sonic Pi - Samples.html
Sonic Pi - Synths.html

It also uses a folder theme which is also in the qt folder.

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I’m planning to release a polished full ‘book’ PDF some point in the short/medium term - so please hold in there. For now, you can access all the raw markdown files here:

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The tutorial is now available to read in your browser here: