Does anyone know if the language reference is online as well somewhere or pdf?

Not the tutorial but the language reference at the last tab in the Sonic Pi help system. I would like to study it on my phone or tablet or print it while I am away from my computer.

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HI Shawn,

Not currently (in an ‘official’ way anyway).
@SunderB and I are in the process of working on this though. I would ideally like to see this happen somewhere no later than the next release or two after v4.0 is out.

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Hi Shawn, :slight_smile:

As Ethan said, there’s no official solution yet. But as a stop gap I’ve got an experimental website which contains the reference docs and tutorials (inc. tutorial translations): 1 Welcome to Sonic Pi - tutorial - Sonic Pi Documentation (en)
I will warn you that it may be buggy, may not work well on phones, and hasn’t been updated an a while - but hopefully it might be useful. :slight_smile:

Ethan and I are working on a more official solution for the future, which will hopefully one day be part of the official Sonic Pi website (and hopefully will be less buggy, more accessible, & will work on smaller devices better!).



The website is good. Even though I have to zoom in and out and move around to read it on my phone, it’s definitely doable. Thanks

This is really convenient.