Translation for the next version

Hi there

i’ve build today the latest dev version from the github repo under ubuntu 18.04.03.

i realize that the translation in french is not complete… I have done some work on it and the translation reached the 100% rate. and today 96%… but the most surprising that i was pretty sure to have already translate some parts…

so to be certain not to work for nothing, the doc included into the sonicpi version is well made from this :


Hi - I did initiate a sync with the translation site - so some new untranslated strings are likely to now be there (which is probably why it’s no longer 100%). I’m unsure why similar previously translated strings may now be untranslated. This is likely to be an error in the sync system if this is the case and if so many apologies.

Thanks so much for your effort. v3.2 is really almost here now and your translation work is an important and appreciated part of it.


ok thanks for this explanation.
I keep translating french version. When does the translation is merged to the repo ?
What about the gitter chat room ? Still worth to be mentionned ?