Hello from Germany ... once more

Hi everybody,

I’m Ben, from the Stuttgart area in Germany. I came across Sonic Pi about three years ago, being curious about what this piece of software I found on one of my Raspberry Pies was about. So sad that I get too little spare time to play with it, and when I do, I find so many exciting things on the programming side that I hardly ever get to make real music :slight_smile: Well, we have been performing with Sonic Pi at Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, and also I give a little SP class at the Girl’s Day run at our University, shanghaiing girls into tech.

So far, I got SP to compile on my Ubuntu notebook (thanks to instructions I found in this forum), hooked it up with ZynAddSubFx and an Akai Midi Pad over OSC, got a Zoom mic to feed live audio into Sonic Pi, connected Chromium over Web Socket - Node.js - OSC and did some other things inspired by Robin’s Word Press posts. Currently, I’m stuck with work on the Visual Studio Codium Sonic Pi extension because some OSC path wouldn’t work, but I’ll post a help request for that in an appropriate category shortly.

Sam (and all the other contributors): Sonic is really hot stuff, thanks a lot!

Cheers, Ben


Sounds like your a busy man. :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forums.