Midwest USA Musician and Audio Engineer

Hello. I was bored one day while running update/upgrade on a new install if raspberrian so I started clicking around. I was like Sonic Pi? Sure why not. I started reading the manual and with a few copy and pastes I was tweaking code and made a real nice beat with a chord progression. Hooked. (I do have programming experience, so I was not intimidated by the syntax at all!)

I have my first jam coming up this Friday where I plan to use Sonic Pi. I have three RASPi 3 B+ I plan to link together with OSC to distribute the load and prevent underruns…but I might KISS and jam with one pi! The jam is in an old industrial complex with a full sound system. Mixer, mains, subs…the works!

I’m also planing on investigating controlling a behringer x32 board with OSC and Sonic Pi. I think being able to sequence parameters of a mixer and effects via hardware in addition to the Sonic Pi synthesizing sounds will be very neat.

I’m also interested in sending some midi to control a light board.

I just got a job as a theater tech and have the keys and permission to experiment as much as I want during any off hours!

I really think serendipity led my mouse to click on Sonic Pi that day.

Thank you!


Those sound like some really cool experiments! I’d be interested to hear how those undertakings go for you.

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