Introduction - James Smith

  • Via Raspbian / Raspberry Pi
  • My first experience with Sonic-Pi was spending quite a while on a whole mess of code that deals with rhythmic and melodic structures - really needs refactoring, there’s a function with about 20 arguments somewhere :smile: I’ve used some of the concepts and ideas to create three pieces that I consider semi-generative, which came out quite well.
  • Planning on continuing messing around with code, sound and music in Sonic-Pi :slight_smile: and maybe put out an EP somewhere, as well as getting more confident with live coding.
  • Sonic Pi generally has surprises for me every time I complete a project. There are things that are relatively easy to achieve in Sonic Pi that would be a real chore to set up in a DAW and hardware/software synth.

An EP with SP music? Nice concept! :wink: