Hello! Scottish newbie

Hi there, have been lurking without coding confidence to jump in :smiley:
I play music with acoustic instruments and have been trying sequencing with midi controllers/samplers.
Finally got Circuit Tracks speaking to Sonic Pi! V exciting!
So now getting to grips with the coding more. I’d ultimately like to connect sensor data via Sonic Pi, don’t know if this is possible.
I’m from Scotland, more on the music than the coding side by background, v interested in creative tech overlap.
I discovered Sonic Pi after someone helped me to set up a Rasp Pi for playing out video in live performance with a foot controller. I was already doing looping and it introduced me to the world of controllers and data. I then did a ‘representing data’ course and some v basic Python. I’d never got into coding before, too many barriers. So this has been a fantastic gateway (drug) :smiley:
All best,

where in Scotland are you? we should do a meetup lolol

I’m in Edinburgh, great at coding terrible at music

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Hi! am in Borders. I’m terrible at coding, a bit more useful at music :smiley:
Currently doing sampling and trying to hook it up with Sonic Pi. What kind of stuff are you doing?

Didn’t know you are from Edinburgh Gordon. My old stamping ground born and bred.

where are you based now? do we have enough for a Scottish/Edinburgh meetup?

Bit of funk, can do rhythm but struggling with melodies

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Sorry I’m in England now, near Peterborough

nice one. are you using a harmoniser with Spi?