Hello from a noise creator in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Sonic PI for a while now and became a Patreon supporter as of today.
As an IT engineer I was interested in practicing some coding with my favourite pass time which is making music. That’s how I found out about Sonic PI! I am familiar with traditional instruments like bass and guitar but I like that I can now dive into electronic music (on the noisy side) without committing to buying different synths, drum computers etc first.
I started creating samples for one of my bands through Sonic PI and after that started to use Sonic PI as main instrument together with bass and more samples for a project:

I hope to learn more from all of you here and to explore more types of music.



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Hi there and welcome to in-thread. Great to have you here, and to hear about your experiences with Sonic Pi. Enjoyed your demo.

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Hi Macht,

Welcome! Rotterdam, great city. I’m from Antwerp. So not to far from where you live. We have Algoraves here regularly, so once we are allowed to organize one again, please pay us a visit. Do you know the Dutch live coding scene ? -> https://netherlands-coding-live.github.io/?fbclid=IwAR0z7aII0pj94aJz9lrLKb9yRJEl2bdqv6m4V6TKlHXTvft92pIKwzOwNcQ

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Noisy yes!! Terrifying music. That’s great. Using Sonic Pi as an instrument rather than just a tool - that’s what I’ve been finding also.

That sounds cool, I would love to visit some time. I wasn’t aware actually, I don’t know anyone else doing live coding at all but that’s nice to see there’s a Dutch community!

Haha yes thx, it’s more versatile than most instruments so why not! I have yet to learn how to code that it’s from one script (right now I’m using different buffers and switching them on and off with amp and altering them on the fly).