Hello from sunny Devon


I’m new to Sonic Pi but I’ve been programming since I was about 11, back in 1979 when I got my first computer, a TRS-80. Sonic Pi is a little different to Level II BASIC on the TRS-80.

I’ve also tried to learn to play several musical instruments, got to the point I can knock out a simple tune and then gave up. Sonic Pi has really interested me, I like making music and programming, so what’s to hate?

I’m also involved with a group that uses music with people who are struggling with bereavement, it’s not quite music therapy but we use music as a way to lubricate discussion and so facilitate new friendships. We mainly use singing, percussion and the odd ukulele (and if you heard us you’d know why I used the word ‘odd’). Once I’m more proficient with live_looping I’m hoping to incorporate Sonic Pi in our arsenal of instruments. Many of the people we work with say they can’t use computers, yet they FaceBook on their smartphones. I think Sonic Pi can ease them into both the world of computers and making music.

I look forward to getting involved in the community and learning to program with this exciting tool.




Hi Kevin
Welcome to in-thread. Great to have someone from the early days trs80 joining. I actually started with a nascom II even earlier than that.
Interesting to hear of your bereavement group. I’m sure that Sonic Pi can bring some joy there. Looking forward to hearing how you get on.