Celebrating Sonic Pi 7 years old

Sonic Pi announced 7 years ago. I’ve been using it for a bit over six years. I thought I’d reminisce by blowing the dust of an early Raspberry Pi, running up Sonic Pi 1, and playing excerpts from a couple of the early pieces I coded on it. Here’s to the next 7 years!


Hi @robin.newman,

thanks for this celebration post!

It made me think of when I came to know Sonic Pi and also of my first small success stories in using it. Originally I was about to dive into Overtone but - not hard to understand once you have had a look at it - found it quite difficult. I then discovered Sonic Pi (I guess some time in 2014) and found it to be much more accessible.

As I had the offer to hold a seminar somehow related to audio and/or music I said to myself: To teach is probably the best way to learn how to work with Sonic Pi. I had a few months to prepare and Aphex Twin provided a blueprint for one of my first workpieces, which can still be heard here if the code won’t run for whatever reasons.

Many thanks to @samaaron for this wonderful software and the hard work he put into it and is putting into it and many thanks to all of the Sonic Pi enthusiasts, who enrich this platform with their ideas, insights and creations! To the next 7 Sonic Pi years!


@robin.newman I think I remember seeing a post about your Bach piece when I first started and I remember that at the time I felt this was completely crazy to be able to recreate Bach with code! Even the little imperfections we hear just gives it even more of a human feel.

I also remember struggling with certain basic things like syncing loops together when I discovered Sonic Pi and I discovered it not even 3 years ago… It’s really amazing to see the speed of development and how Sonic Pi improved in such a short time. To think of all the way it’s come in 7 years is incredibly inspiring.

As @Martin already said, cheers to the next 7 seven years and a huge Thank You to @samaaron and everyone in this community using, teaching and helping develop this amazing software :smiley: