Sonic Pi #1 - Dub Do

Hi guys,

I´m not completely new to making music, but to coding I am:-) I really love the way sonic pi combines music and code and I´d love to introduce the tech to as many people as possible.

I finally came up(after 2 years of experimentation) with something I like so I though I wanted to share it with you.



This is really awesome stuff! Looking forward to more!

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Really lovely work! Welcome to the Sonic Pi community and thanks so much for sharing. Hopefully we don’t have to wait 2 years for the next piece! :slight_smile:

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Thanks a lot!:slight_smile:

Wow…the grand-master-himself! Thanks Sam :rofl: I will invest a lot more time into Sonic Pi the next month, since I wanna implant the technology into the school I´m working at. So I´m gonna dig through this forum with all the great stuff people coded.

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Great stuff! enjoyed that.

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