Help looking for Sonic Pi coder to help create some tunes

I have been playing with sonic pi and find it amazing - however I have zero music background and Im looking for some help to create a few songs.
I can share the songs with you and would appreciate it if you can approximate these in sonic pi.
Look forward hearing back from you.
kind regards

May we hear one of your tunes ?

Sure - where can I upload it to?

You could try setting up a free account on Upload it there, then post the link to it here.

thanks for that:

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Im not looking for exact - just something similar if possible.

hey wro i can help you if u want to, do u know troop?

hi holz - nope what is that?

its a programm wich enables to write on the same sheet in sonic pi, but we dont need that, i can help u without

Hi @holz do you have a link to the program/software? Always interested in looking at collaborative working tools.

Hello, if you can share your result here, that would be nice

I too would love to understand how sounds like that

Here u go,
Telegram: Contact @foxdot

thats a telegramm group which u can join, there is info about the programm troops,
i already used it for FoxDot,
in the programm is the option to run it with sonic pi, but i havent used it yet

well i am working on a project right now in sonic pi which is pretty time consuming, but if u would like to chat via discord etc and figure out together (which i am pretty confident i can create such sounds) i would be down. alone is boring :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

sure we can chat

send me your discord details

@holz much appreciated.

Add me and we will figure something out, same for u hussein


Hi Wro,

Please note, this is NOT my code, I picked it out of a much longer
piece I found… somewhere, years ago.

I called it ‘clouds’, because it reminds of the feeling of gliding through
the air…

Maybe it will be of use to you, who knows.


use_bpm 100

chord_1 = chord :c5, :maj9, num_octaves: 2
chord_2 = chord :es4, :maj9, num_octaves: 2
chord_3 = chord :b5, :maj9, num_octaves: 2
chord_4 = chord :d4, :maj9, num_octaves: 2

chord_low_1 = chord :c3, :maj9
chord_low_2 = chord :es2, :maj9
chord_low_3 = chord :b2, :maj9
chord_low_4 = chord :d2, :maj9

chord_high = chord_1
chord_low = chord_low_1

live_loop :chord_selector, delay: -0.5 do
  chord_high = (knit(chord_1, 2, chord_2, 2, chord_3, 4,chord_4, 4)).tick
  chord_low = (knit(chord_low_1, 2, chord_low_2, 2, chord_low_3, 4, chord_low_4, 4)).look
  sleep 8

define :chord_player do |the_chord|
  use_synth  [ :blade, :prophet].choose
  the_chord.each do |note|
    play note, attack: rand(4), release: rand(6..8), cutoff: rand(50..85), vibrato_rate: rand(0.01..2), amp: 0.55

with_fx :reverb, room: 0.99, mix: 0.7 do
  live_loop :chord_loop do
    chord_player chord_high.pick(6)
    chord_player chord_low.take(3)
    sleep 8

well thats exactly what i was thinking about, nice eli

maybe adding some more random structure for more variablitity

with_fx :reverb, room: 0.99, mix: 0.7 do
  use_random_seed (knit 351414100,4,564654132,1).tick(:rjra)
  live_loop :chord_loop do
    6.times do
      chord_player chord_high.pick(6)
      chord_player chord_low.take(3)
      sleep 8

ey @Eli , nice one. Do you have a link to the original by any chance?