Best regards from a hobbyist musician and aspiring programmer in Pittsburgh

Hi! I’m Lilith and I’ve been excitedly working through Sonic Pi tutorials the last few weekends. I’ve been studying programming, and someone I met through that recommended Sonic Pi. I’ve dabbled in playing music for at least a decade, even getting the chance to study it academically a bit, and am really excited to play around with Sonic Pi as a tool for algorithmic composition. I’ve always taken to reading about music theory a bit more eagerly than to practicing scales and the like, so the idea of creating sound by codifying abstract musical ideas into language and number is really appealing to me. Anyway I look forward to learning from y’all and sharing work in the future!


Pleased to meet you @lililililililili - welcome!
I’m sure there’ll be plenty of folks here on in_thread that would be happy to share ideas and help you if needed as you play around with Sonic Pi. Have fun!

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