Hi from a very beginner from Italy!

Hi to all!
I’m Andrea, 32 yrs old, from Italy.
I am a Philosophy PhD (but working in another field at the moment) and I always been interested in philosophy of music. As I’m writing a paper on Adorno and electronic music, and I’m desperately trying to learn coding, I came across livecoding and algorave. I have been a pianist in my teens and I always wanted to learn how to play electronic music, but I am really too lazy to learn a DAW, and too poor to go hardware, and when I found Sonic Pi was like just what I was looking for! So I’m a totally beginner both in Sonic Pi and in electronic music in general, but I really want to learn more :slight_smile:
I’m sure I’ll have great time here.


Hi, welcome on board Andrea :wink:
for sure you will have great time using Sonic Pi to create music, to do sound design and more…
Consider reading the internal documentation (inside Sonic pi itself > Help section) and the online one… in a minimum of time, you will be enjoying this tool :slight_smile:

have a great day, bye

Yes, I have started studying the tutorial online, and it is very clear and well written, I’m sure I’ll have a great time with this tool. And also the community seems amazing :slight_smile:

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Great to have you around @atbash - welcome!

As you play with Sonic Pi, let us know if you have any questions or feedback. We’re always happy to chat!