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My name is Manny Arredondo, I am an industrial designer who wants to incorporate Sonic Pi into my product presentation workflows. it is an honor being a human being, living in these exiting times.




Hello to this lovely community !
I’m Didier from France, happy retiree and grandfather of 3, singer and former bass player !
My interests in Sonic Pi began a few years ago on the Mac / OS platform upon wich I do my first discovering and learn to program using the Help (fantastic tool) provided. At that time I have been also discovering “live looping” with instrument and pedalboard (bass guitar, looper and delay …) influenced by Terry Riley "Time Lag Accumulator (aka Frippertronics …).
I’ve moved now to a RaspBerry Pi platform running Debian on wich I’ve build a music platform with PIsound (from Blokas) sound card, a Midi sequencer (Korg SQ1) and the ToucOSC app on iPad.
I’m delighted with the increased functionnalities of Sonic Pi that now offers Live_Loop and Live_audio and that works seamlessly with Midi and ToucOSC messages.
I’m looking forward to mastering Sonic PI :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: and would like to perform livecoding sessions as soon as I’m fitted !