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My name is Manny Arredondo, I am an industrial designer who wants to incorporate Sonic Pi into my product presentation workflows. it is an honor being a human being, living in these exiting times.



Hello to this lovely community !
I’m Didier from France, happy retiree and grandfather of 3, singer and former bass player !
My interests in Sonic Pi began a few years ago on the Mac / OS platform upon wich I do my first discovering and learn to program using the Help (fantastic tool) provided. At that time I have been also discovering “live looping” with instrument and pedalboard (bass guitar, looper and delay …) influenced by Terry Riley "Time Lag Accumulator (aka Frippertronics …).
I’ve moved now to a RaspBerry Pi platform running Debian on wich I’ve build a music platform with PIsound (from Blokas) sound card, a Midi sequencer (Korg SQ1) and the ToucOSC app on iPad.
I’m delighted with the increased functionnalities of Sonic Pi that now offers Live_Loop and Live_audio and that works seamlessly with Midi and ToucOSC messages.
I’m looking forward to mastering Sonic PI :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: and would like to perform livecoding sessions as soon as I’m fitted !

I just stumbled across Sonic Pi today as well as a few of your videos on YouTube. Seriously impressive stuff !

Hello Everyone,

Just getting started with Sonic Pi. In fact, did my first coding with it on my stream two days ago and was surprised and delighted when some of you fine folks dropped by! That was so fun, helpful, and welcoming!! :slight_smile: Thanks again for the nice vibes! I’ve been creative coding for a bit now and it means a lot to me as a form of self-expression, but I am rather new to the online community aspect of it. Super excited to learn more about Sonic Pi with y’all! and stream more of it in the future. It seems like y’all are a sweet bunch of folks. Cheers!

bonjour a tous,
I write these few lines with google translate
I understand well what I read in English but I have a lot of trouble writing it…
come here will allow me to progress :wink:

I have been a self-taught musician for a very long time, guitar, bands, to much live in lot of “café”.
i don’t remember how i got to know sonic-pi,chance does things well sometimes
it was last summer, sure… :crazy_face:

I just want to say that it is an extraordinary, brilliant, superb software … for me …
it allows you to make sound, learn to code, play with numbers, push back the (academic) limits … with a spirit of sharing … huge !!!

I hope soon to implement it live, to make it known ,j adore triturated, tortured, turned over, transforming the samples and sonic-pi allows this better than all the software that I have practiced.
I overdo it, lots of compliments … but that’s how I feel.

well done Mr Aaron and thank you very much for this.

I would come back here quickly for technical questions, that’s for sure
see you soon…

I’m Peter Hamlin from Middlebury, Vermont, USA. I’m a retired music professor – have done electronic music since the '70’s and still teach a little bit for fun.

I work in acoustic music as a composer and accordionist. My electronic music has dealt with csound, Max/MSP, Reaktor, vr, Web Audio, things like that, also live improvisation.

I wasn’t involved at all with live coding for a long time, but about 5 years ago my students got me interested and I started learning it and offering classes.

I’ve loved how friendly and musical Sonic Pi is and have enjoyed working with it and sharing my enthusiasm with students and others.

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