Hello! I'm Garen from Boston, USA

I am a coder, not a musician, but music has always been my passion. Several years ago I got really fascinated by my new discovery of Andrew Sorensen and the idea of live coding, then in 2018 I started exploring Sorensen’s Extempore, the environment was very powerful but also cumbersome to configure and to use, so it left me somewhat unsatisfied and forced me to search for other possibilities, which led me to Sonic Pi. I installed it on my Windows 10 desktop in 2019, but at the time was too busy with an ongoing Android project, so haven’t done anything with it until this February. Then, as soon as I started exploring Sonic Pi, I realized this is exactly what I was looking for! It lets you do what you want, and at the same time the built-in multi-threaded nature of the environment makes it feel lightweight and lets you concentrate on your goal which is making music. So thank you for Sonic Pi!!!

It was so much fun to work on my first project, that earlier this week, as soon as I was more or less (never completely) satisfied with the result, I got overexcited, signed in here and posted my first message with my first Sonic Pi creation - Hopopono, but now I realized that it was impolite, I should have introduced myself first :grinning:


Welcome @garen,

I have a similar background - career in programming, pursuing music as my midlife crisis serious hobby. :guitar:

The Sonic Pi community here is incredibly helpful and resourceful. Have fun experimenting and utilize these forums for help whenever you need. Thank you for sharing your first project, that must have felt great!