Live coding performance video. My first!

Good afternoon good people,
I have recently uploaded a video of my first ‘proper’ live coding performance. This is in preparation for a concert performance next month, with a 12yo student who has been learning Sonic Pi with me for the past year. We plan to ‘take turns’ at adding and changing code in real time at the concert, and I am hoping it will serve as promo material for a live coding class my music school plans to run later this year. I aim to attract young musicians in the audience who might be interested in dance/electronic/rock music, and the first 2 or 3 minutes of the video serve as a quick learning demo (play, sleep, conditional, iterate).

There is nothing ground-breaking or cutting edge here, and there’s even a little booboo with timing (and the resulting solution). I welcome your comments and suggestions.


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(and I rewrote the Dave Stewart riff in PD, so Sonic Pi now sends the notes via OSC ;), perfectly synced to all the other nonsense!)